Live on a boat!
(Beat the rental market!)

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Oh No I'm Sinking!
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Dredging The Marina
Xmas Lights

Some years ago, I decided to live on a Sailboat in Sausalito, Ca. When I began the adventure, I had no idea what I was in for. But what followed were the seven of the best years of my life.
The boat above doesn't look like much, but that little 1974 Morgan Out Island 28 was my gate to the adventure known as living aboard.
And here's what I eventually graduated to: a 1994 Hunter 335. Although about five times the cost of the Morgan, it afforded much more room, a better sailing experience and was still much less expensive than renting an apartment.
Along the way I picked up a few of these (above) which became the real icing on the cake.
If I could do it now, I'd go back without a second thought. One day I probably will.

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