Whole Foods Shenanigans

A while ago, a lady bought some pre-packaged food items at Whole Foods in San Francisco. When she went to consume them, because she was on a strict diet, she weighed all of her portions. On her scale at home, she found the food items to weigh exactly 25% less than was stated on the price tags. Knowing her scale was accurate, she figured there were shenanigans afoot, and she called Michael Finney of 'Seven On Your Side'.

Michael Finney and his team went to Whole Foods bought a bunch of items from four of the stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. And they confirmed the exactly 25% difference - on items across all four stores.

Clearly, this is something coming from above (higher than store level). Otherwise, how could all of those managers just decide to price their items exactly the same percentage higher?

And it wasn't haphazard. It wasn't that some items were 20% and others were 30% and others were 27% or 23% - everything was exactly 25% off.

So Michael Finney and his team went back to each of the Whole Foods stores the next day and spoke with each store manager. Every store manager refused to comment on anything.

Finally, as a follow up, some of the 'Seven On Your Side' team went back to Whole Foods the day following the interviews to purchase and check more items. And what did they find? They found that every item had the correct weight printed on the label - every single one of them from multiple stores.

So let's review. Items purchased from four Whole Foods stores in the San Francisco Bay Area had weights printed on their labels 33% higher than the actual food weight (this would make for the food weighing 25% less than what was printed because math). The 'Seven On Your Side' team confronted Whole Foods about the discrepancies. Then the very next day, all of the food item weights were corrected to the actual weights.

Coincidence? I think not.

And this is not even close to the only time Whole Foods has done this. Let's hope the Bezos team straightens things out.

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