Essence Of The Fry

The French Fry. It is served by most reputable eating establishments (garnished or not); it can be eaten with nearly any main course or simply as a main course. Nearly everyone has asked for "fries" by name, and most thoroughly enjoy them. But has anyone truly pondered the essence of the "Fry"? What is it? Where did it come from? And what is its purpose here on Earth?

French fries, pommes frites, or chips are simply thin strips of potatoes fried in deep fat. The term french fry has nothing to do with the country of origin, but instead refers to a method, called "frenching," of cutting the potatoes into narrow strips. The Oxford English Dictionary traces "french-fried potatoes" back to 1894 and suggests an American origin. And obviously, as we currently see them, french fries are here on Earth to be eaten and enjoyed.

However, I now refute the current beliefs. French fries are actually individual plants bearing an extraterrestrial origin, and were brought to Earth some years ago to help promote higher thinking and better living throughout the universe. But they are merely a small part of "the big scheme." French fries are not food, as we have been led to think. Rather they are simply a transport medium in the consummation of life's blood ketchup. But that dear Reader, is another story for another time.

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